dj's, dance & deities

Currently at the pre-production stage, DJ's, DANCE & DEITIES is a documentary focused on the relationship between traditional African and South Asian religions and cultures, contemporary Underground House Music and Diaspora identities. This documentary will include interviews with House Music innovators in the U.S. and the U.K. along with footage from the Underground House Music scene and cultural performances from Yoruba-Atlantic, Hindu and Sikh religious communities.  DJ's, DANCE & DEITIES will comparatively explore the role of the DJ to that of a traditional drummer who uses music as a means of spiritually transforming the dancer within the sacred space of ritual. What this film seeks to undercover is how a blending of traditional spiritual music with contemporary electric sounds by Underground House Music DJ’s, reshapes the secular venue of a nightclub or party into a sacred space of self-expression for communities often marginalized in the larger society based on racial, religious, cultural and/or sexual identities.  

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